Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Former Cargolifter Huge Airship Hangar

Hi there!

So, let's have a look at Cargolifter's ex-hangar.
It's now used as a "Tropical Paradise" experience, with lakes, villages, huge trees, all in a tropical climate.
I wonder how long it will stand up before all this dampness corrodes it all.
Anyway, it's a great experience to have.
Do you make out the big trucks to the right hand side?

And now, how it looked like from the last airship leaving the area...
Workers and machines were already tearing up everything inside the hangar.
No more airship may ever come back to rest in this enormous place...
Broken dreams are replaced by other ones.

Giant "dinosaurs" and huge machines that will never exist here are replaced by the laughter of children playing in the warmth of this micro-world, the dream of a tropical paradise bubble in the cold winters of Central Europe....


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